{ICAFIS_SCBV}Recruitment Consulting “Assessing to obtaining MSC Certification for clams in Tien Giang Province”

  1. Introduction

Tien Giang province is a coastal province in the MeKong Delta, which has coastline long 32 kilometers. There are three main estuaries flowing into the East Vietnam sea including Soai Rap, Cua Tieu, Cua Dai. The estuaries bring a lot of alluviums, humus creating favourable environement for diversified aquatic species as brackish water shrimp and fishes, mollusks, and specially white hard clams (hereinafter referred to as Clam) therefore clam prdocution/harvesting has become an important economic activities in Tieng Giang. In recent years, clam harvesting has been managed strictly to make it more sustanable. Clam has become the main exporting product of Tien Giang province, its exporting value in 2008 reached US$ 10 million and Go Cong Dong district has biggest area of clam, it is about 2,150 hectares, Its yield in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectivelyis 15,000; 19,200; 19,100; 19,600 and 19,500 tons.

In addition, Clam helps to improve the livelihood of coastal communities. Tien Giang clam has high quality in in nutrition and food hygiene and safety. However,  in order to enhance the export value as well as improve Tien Giang clam brand, the local authorities have begun to build the Tieng Gaing clam brand by applying national as well as international standards such as VietGap, GlobalGap or MSC... Since 2016, Tien Giang province has applied MSC. The provincial departments have collaborated closely with the local clam farming communiies to improve clam farming activites to comply with MSC Stadard’s requirements in order to MSC certification. Therefore, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development invites Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs)  to conduct MSC audit for Tieng Giang clam.

  1. Object
  • Conduct MSC audit for Tien Giang clam harvesting (the first audit)
  1. Scope of work
  • Scope: Clam harvesting in Tien Giang province
  • Work to do: Comprehensive assessment of Tien Giang clam in the MSC, the activities of the MSC certification organization include the following, but it isn’t limited to:

+ Prepare a detailed work plan including on field auditing

+ Prepare documents for the audit process.

+ Complete MSC audit registration with MSC certification organization

+ Conduct MSC certification audit (documents review and on field audit)

+  Write fully audit report.

+ Get feedbacks from stakeholders.

+ Finalize audit report based on stakeholder feedback.

+ Issue certification (If the fishery activity meets all requirements of MSC).

  1. Expected results

      + Final MSC audit report for clam in Tien Giang province.

      + The MSC certification for clam in Tien Giang province (if it meets the requirements of the certification).

      + All results were required must be submitted to the project management board (OXFAM, ICAFIS), Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in electronic format and hard copy.

  1. Time and place of implementation

        The task will be started immediately after the contract is signed between parties, Expected in May or June, 2020.

  1. Requirements for the evaluation unit

Consultants should meet the following requirements:

  • Good capacity on MSC standard audit
  • Service quote of evaluation package.
  1. Deadline for submission

Deadline for application: before 17 pm, on 20th November 2019.

Extended application deadline for the 2nd : before 17 pm, on 29th January 2020

Extended application deadline for the 3rd : before 17 pm, on 20th February 2020 and sent to:

Ms: Đinh Thị Thu

Email: thu.dinh@icafis.vn and Tel: 038 2006 198


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