Shrimp: Shrimp is very profitable animal for farmers, it brings jobs for a million of farmers in Mekong delta. Shrimp industry has a stable growth rate at 6.82% annually in recent years and Vietnam shrimp has been exported to 164 countries. However, in general, shrimp industry still faces a lot of difficulties and challenges.

The one of the biggest challenges is “more frequent and unpredictable disease out breaking” with the root causes are: i) abnormal climate and weather changes; ii) The quality of shrimp seed, chemical, medicine is not managed well, there are a lot suppliers with low quality products have gone through the management/monitor of local authorities and circulated on the market; iii) the technologies of farmers is weak.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of shrimp farming, decrease production cost and improve the farmers’ technology in Mekong delta. On 7 June, 2016. The management board of project “Sustainable and Equitable Shrimp Production and Value Chain Development in Vietnam – SusV”, ICAFIS, OXFAM in Vietnam collaborated with Ca Mau Agriculture and Rural Development Department, MCD to co-organize the workshop “Dialogue on Ca Mau Shrimp Value Chain Linkages, Moving to Sustainable Development”.

Attending the workshop, there were 95 attendants from local authorities, Agriculture and Rural Development department, fisheries department, animal healthcare department, agriculture division of Cai Nuoc, Dam Doi, Nam Can, Ngoc Hien, Phu Tan district. Of which, there were 70 shrimp farmers from farmer groups/cooperatives in Ca Mau, WWF, local media…

The workshop also attracted the full participation of companies such as: Teninco, Truc Anh Production and trading Co. ltd. Kim Nguu companies, Tran An Phu, Kien Hung, Ky Nguyen  (CP agency), Minh Phu corp, Minh Cuong, Nam Mien Trung, Quoc Viet Seafood…

Mr. Dinh Xuan Lap – Deputy Director of ICAFIS, workshop co-organizer shared “Inputs for shrimp production is always the most difficult, challenging part because there are too much inputs suppliers and to many kind of products. There are good products, fake products, low quality products, unregistered products circulated on the market. There are a lot of bitter lessons by farmers who bought fake or low quality products or farmers have to buy with much higher prices because they bought in credit due to lacking finance sources, there are popular stories in Mekong delta. Therefore, I think the today workshop is the day of “Vietnam Shrimp Value Chain  - facing with challenges”. Only good companies, high quality products dare to join in the value chain because all value chain actors will monitor the linkages. Joining value chain is the only way to demonstrate their value and step by step to promote Vietnam shrimp”.

In the workshop, the companies presented the quality of their products, their value chain support policies, they also committed to providing high quality product with reasonable prices. For example, TEINCO Company who provide high quality – imported canvas for shrimp pond, they committed to low price with product guarantee for 15 years. Other companies such as Truc Anh Company (two stage shrimp raising process), Kien Hung company on providing aeration system/equipment…. Also committed to good price and accompanying with famers to have good shrimp crops.

The farmers’ representative also shared about their difficulties and hope to receive support from the companies on prices, technology, policies for shrimp farmers as well as farmer groups/cooperatives in order to help shrimp farmers to decrease production cost and access to high quality shrimp production inputs with good prices.

In the workshop, 17 linking contracts on providing shrimp seed, medicine, feed have been signed between representative of farmer groups/cooperative and the companies.

To help the signed contracts will be implemented soon to help shrimp farmers in Ca Mua, In June 2016, the SusV project management board and the companies will  survey shrimp farmers and start providing products to them. In coming months, SusV project will continuously work with provincial Agriculture and Rural Development department, GRASEA project and the companies to organize dialogues in Soc Trang and Bac Lieu province to improve shrimp value chain to stabilize shrimp industry and promote Vietnam shrimp brand.

Xuân Lập, Thế Diễn - ICAFIS


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