ICAIFS Short News - The meeting between GRAISEA Project Managenment, OXFAM and Directorate of Fisheries, VINAFIS / ICAFIS

On May 19  2015, the multi-stakeholder meeting between the representative of the GRAISEA Project Management, OXFAM, the Directorate Fisheries and VINAFIS / ICAFIS took place at the ICAFIS office. At the meeting, all parties agreed on some main points of progress and project direction.
The  "Gender Transformative & Responsible Agribusiness investments in  Southeast Asia" (GRAISEA) project, sponsored by OXFAM, is
being implemented by ICAFIS and MCD.

 List of Participants :

1 / Project management: Mr. Henk Peters, Ms. Roxanne, Ms. Pook

2 / OXFAM Representative: Ms. Do Thuy Ha

3 / Representatives of the Directorate of Fisheries: Mr. Nguyen Viet Manh

4 /Representatives of VINAFIS : Mr Hoang Dinh Yen

5/ ICAFIS Representative: Dr. Le Thanh Luu

For more information, please contact Mr. Dinh Xuan Lap, program coordinator of the project: Mobile: 0985024307 Skype:dinh.lap1|email: lap.dinhxuan@icafis.vn



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