{ICAFIS_GRAISEA2} training course“ Methods of designing and operating aerators - Venturi improved ”


Aims to help subcooperatives /cooperatives save investment costs and promote development of climate change adaptation models, within the project framework: “Gender Transformative & Responsible Agribusiness Investments in South East Asia- Phase 2 (GRAISEA2)” the ICAFIS in collaboration with research "Adapting and innovating for aquaculture in the Mekong Delta, Aquadapt-Mekong”of Can Tho University and Chiang Mai University in Thailand, organized training course “Methods of designing and operating aerators - Venturi improved ” for shrimp farmers of some Cooperatives in the project area.

On 21 and 22 March 2020, training was organized for members of two cooperatives:  Agriculture and Fisheries Hoa De (Soc Trang) and High Technology Dong Hai (Bac Lieu). The training attracted a lot of attention from people and received very good feedback and evaluation from the managers and cooperative members


Member of Dong Hai High tech Cooperative in Bac Lieu province participated in the trainingn


Member of Agricultural and Fishery Hoa De Cooperative in Soc Trang province participated in the training

Aeration systems is indispensable to shrimp pond (improved extensive, intensive, semi-intensive, super intensive). However, choosing the right type of aeration, properly installed and most effective is not simple. The aeration system will affect the concentration of dissolved oxygen (DO) - a determinant of life as well as the growth and development of shrimp. The DO content in water is the diffusion of air into the water. Oxygen is consumed by the shrimp by respiration and in the decomposition of organic humus, bacterial activity and chemical reactions in water.


Principles of Venturi system (Lecture, Department of Fisheries, University of Can Tho)

Using aeration is not only simple to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, but also helps create a flow to collect waste in the siphon pit, so the bottom is cleaned and create is enough clear space for shrimp in the pond. The aeration system has been improving through the development stages of the shrimp industry, but the cost of installing an aeration system is still quite high. Through practical research, the group developed and created improved venturi with low installation cost, simple so people can do it by themselves, and high efficiency, dissolved oxygen content reaches nearly 8.0 mg/L.

Venturi is aerators use the flow of water under pressure to produce oxygen in the water from an input point.


Experts guide people on the principle of system installation meticulously


The model was installed by cooperative members participating in the training

The material to install the Venturi device is quite simple and easy to find. Installation and operating principles are not complicated but full of advantages such as:

  • Provides instant dissolved oxygen.
  • Supply oxygen to the bottom of the pond, creating flow.
  • Rapidly disintegrating impurities, releasing toxic gases in the pond.
  • No stratification of water
  • No obstruction.
  • Low power consumption coefficient, rich in oxygen.
  • Cheap installation cost


Directly test the model at the farmer's pond

The innovative Venturi aerator creates a flow containing many small bubbles, increasing the contact area and the amount of air entering the water, thereby increasing the dissolved oxygen content in the water. The flow is strong but it does not divert shrimps feces which have settled to the bottom of the pond, making the area of clean water in the pond always large, ensuring the environment for shrimp.


The training also attracted a lot of participation of women in learning and asking questions.

Hopefully after the training, the members and the management agencies will know more information, understand the operating principles, operating principles, install improved, well-applied Venturi aeration systems. in their own shrimp farming process and share what they have learned to others.

The training will continue to be held at Toan Thang Cooperative (Vinh Chau, Soc Trang) on March 27, 2020 and Bac Lieu Hi-tech Cooperative (Bac Lieu) on March 28, 2020. Interested people can attend and learn. Wishing the training course a successful success and bringing more technology to the people.

Nguyen Ly - ICAFIS


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