Vietnam Fisheries magazine) – On afternoon, June 24th, 2016, as a part of technology Expo 2016 Vietnam shrimp industry (Vietshrimp 2016), Oxfam in Vietnam, WWF Vietnam, International Collaborating Centre for Aquaculture and fisheries sustainability (ICAFIS), MCD cooperatively organized a workshop “value/supply chains and shrimp production systems in climate change trend”.

“The fisheries industry annually contributes more than 3% of the national GDP, with the export turnover of 7.92 billion US$, fisheries products have been exported to 164 countries. Of which, Shrimp is the one of four key export fishery products (accounted for 44.39% in 2015), it creates jobs and incomes for approximately 700.000 households. The shrimp industry has a good average growth rate, about 6.82%/year, However, most of the researches on the Vietnam shrimp value chain in recent 10 years show that “the linkages are still weak and it has negatively affected the shrimp products’ quality, traceability capabilities and decreased the competitiveness of Vietnam shrimp products on the international market”” PhD. Le Thanh Luu, director of ICAFIS spoke at the beginning of the workshop.

At the workshop, the participants also listened presentations on topics: the status of shrimp value chain in Vietnam and recommendations for improvement by PhD. Le Thanh Luu, Challenges for blackish-water shrimp industry in the Mekong River Delta by Mr. Lam Phan Thanh - Research Institute for Aquaculture No.2, the research on the status of shrimp export market and solutions – an important element in the sustainable shrimp value chain in Vietnam.

The participants also joined in a discussion on the difficulties, challenges for improving the shrimp value chain in Vietnam and the solutions.

Linh Chi - Ngọc Trinh 


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