In order to promote sustainable aquaculture development and support each other for developing fishery resources. On August 4th 2016, International Cooperation Center of Aquaculture and Capture Fisheries Sustainability (ICAFIS) signed Memoranda of Understanding & Agreements of Cooperation with Korea - Vietnam Incubator Park (KV, IP).

The main content of Memoranda of Understanding & Agreements of Cooperation is to coordinate and support the specializing as well as multi-dimensional activities to meet the demand of fishery sector. The cooperation also aims to improve the quality of researches, expanding cooperation relations, commercializing advanced technologies, scientific/technological products. The cooperation also helps to exploit effective the potential resources, strengths, expertise, facilities of both sides for the sustainable development of the fisheries sector in Vietnam and contributing in the development of high quality human resources for the fisheries enterprises.

Korea - Vietnam Incubator Park (KVIP) in Can Tho city is the cooperation project between the Government of Vietnam and Korea with a total investment of 21.13 million US dollars. The aim of KVIP is to attract science and technology resources nationally and internationally, promote the development of technology in the targeted sectors such as agricultural processing, seafood processing and mechanical engineering for agriculture and fishery production. Through specific mechanisms and policies, KVIP will facilitate enterprises to innovate, apply advanced technologies in production and collaborate with experts/scientists in KVIP to commercialize their researching products.

International collaborating center for aquaculture and fisheries sustainability (ICAFIS) is a professional society organization under the Vietnam Fisheries Society (VINAFIS). ICAFIS operates with the main aim to strengthen and develop sustainable aquaculture and fisheries in Vietnam and share experiences with the international community. Since its foundation, ICAFIS has collaborated with many international partners to implement more than 40 projects and contribute into promoting the image, brand, value and competiveness of Vietnam fishery products in the international market. In 2015, ICAFIS was honored by the Economic Committee of the Vietnamese Congress for contributions and received medal for "the development of agriculture and rural economy of Vietnam".

The cooperation activities between ICAFIS and KVIP in the 2016-2018 period are:

  • Support and share information on research, development, commercialization of technology, advanced engineering opportunities and science/technology products.
  • Introduce and connect potential partners for expand ing the cooperative relationships.
  • Attract experts, entrepreneurs, and international cooperation.
  • Develop human resources for the demand of fisheries enterprises.

In the spirit of the signed agreement, in the coming months, ICAFIS and KVIP will implement training and market link programs for fisheries enterprises. In addition, they also facilitate the enterprises to join "creativity incubator" at KVIP.

The Dien - ICAFIS


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