The firs step to build the Soc Trang shrimp brand

According to studies by ICAFIS, 80% of Vietnam shrimp volume is produced by small householder farmers, the figure demonstrates the role as well as the contribution of shrimp small householder farmers into Vietnam Shrimp industry and they still keep the role as the backbone of Vietnam shrimp Industry.

However, small scale shrimp farmers in Vietnam in general and in Mekong delta are facing a lot difficulties: (i) having weak voice in shrimp value chain due to their scattered and small scale production, (ii) Difficult to manage quality and traceability, (iii) difficulties in environment/diseases, (iv) difficult to access international standards, (v) the linkages with inputs suppliers and processing companies have not operated effectively. Therefore the need of linking small-scale farmers together as well as strengthening exist shrimp cooperatives/farmer groups is very urgent for the shrimp industry sustainable development. In the recent two years, the project “Sustainable and Equitable Shrimp Production and Value Chain Development in Vietnam” funded by EY and co-implemented by ICAFIS and Oxfam in Vietnam had a lot activities to strengthen the bonds among small scale farmers of 30 shrimp cooperatives/farmer groups in Soc Trang, Bac Lieu and Ca Mau province and helped they to improve the quality of shrimp via applying the VietGAP, ASC, Bap, SEASAIP standard.

However, during implement the project, another urgent need rose is order to: i) Enhance the identification of shrimp produced by farmer group/cooperatives; ii) create more added value; iii) Big shrimp volume for The Need Of Building Brand.

To response to the need of small-scale farmers, on October 24, 2017. The management board of SusV project and Soc Trang Fisheries Sub_Department organized a meeting with the representatives of shrimp cooperatives in Soc Trang to discuss on establishing a Soc Trang shrimp cooperative alliance to have strong voice in the shrimp value chain and build Soc Trang shrimp brand. Mr. Duong Tan Truong – chairman of Soc Trang Fisheries Sub-Department, Ms. Quach Thi Thanh binh Vice-chairman and Mr. Dinh Xuan Lap – Deputy Director of ICAFIS has attended to facilitate the meeting. In the meeting, all shrimp cooperatives consented to establish a Soc Trang Shrimp cooperative alliance and build the Soc Trang Shrimp brand. The Soc Trang Fisheries Sub-Department also and SusV project also expressed their commitment to support Soc Trang Shrimp Cooperative alliance to build the brand for Soc Trang shrimp.

 The meeting is considered as the first step to set up a foundation for building the strong Soc Trang shrimp brand, especially clean shrimp with transparent traceability, produced by small-scale farmers via cooperatives. The brand also will help the farmers to have stronger voice, to improve their shrimp competiveness and to access to international market.

Vũ Thùy – ICAFIS


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