Vietnam shrimp value chain: case study sharing

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- Shrimp farming plays important role to the economy of Vietnam and it provide about jobs and income for about 700,000 households. - The development of shrimp farming in Vietnam has been impressive over the last decade. In 2011 - 163,000 tons ; 2012 - 658,000 ha - 477,000 tons - 2.25 billions USD export, increase by 300% in 11 years - Export to 149 countries - Accounting for 47% of seafood export value of Vietnam (2014) - Market trends require for sustainable and responsible products: ASC, BAP, GlobalGAP, Nartunland etc VIETNAM SHRIMP VALUE CHAIN - Small-scale farmers burden a lot of risks compare to others. 70 -80% shrimp aquaculture area in Viet Nam are in small-scale farmer. - The brokers/collectors are powerful in setting and negotiating the price, market development and linkages with the processors/big sellers. - Processors need good quality products but less investment in value chain. - Links among producers themselves and links between producers and other actors of the value chains are weak.
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