ICAFIS - “Farmers In Transition” Program – Co-funding your effort toward responsible shrimp production

Supported by: IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative

Timing: 2013 –2015

Objectives: The Farmers In Transition Fund aims to accelerate shrimp farmers transition to farming practices that deliver responsibly produced shrimp. The goal of the Fund is to co-invest in Field Level Projects which aim to: (i) Support shrimp farmers in Vietnam to implement more responsible practices – environmental, social and profitable (ii) Show measurable and meaningful positive social and environmental improvements in performance; (iii) Help seafood buyers to increase the availability of more responsibly produced farmed shrimp; (iv) Facilitate sharing of lessons learned and best practices in responsible aquaculture; (v) Address relevant bottlenecks in sustainability such as training and organizing producers, strengthening the capacity of producer organizations, traceability and access to finance; (vi) Develop more effective and scalable approaches for farmer and producer support which have a healthy business case. This will provide an exit from donor funding; (vii) Engage government and other stakeholders to improve the enabling environment for a responsible production.

Website: www.fitfund.com

Email: fitfund@icafis.org

Contact person: Mr. Dinh Xuan Lap

lap.dinhxuan@icafis.vn/ +84 (0) 985024307

Skype: dinh.lap1


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