ICAFIS - Farmers In Transition Fund Program at Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock Company

Project title: “Farmers In Transition” Program – Co-funding your effort toward responsible shrimp production

Implementing partner: International Collaborating Centre for Aquaculture and Fisheries Sustainability (ICAFIS)

Other partner(s): Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock Company

Country: Viet Nam

Species: shrimp

Volume: 1,200 tons large-scale

Target: The project object is to achieve 1,200 metric tons of shrimp will be ASC certified, as a result of more responsible production applied at Sao Ta Foods JSC

Project duration: Oct 2014- Oct 2016

Narrative on project

Project “Improve the Aquaculture with pursueing the ASC Shrimp Standard” is one of the projects of FIT Fund program funded by IDH. Implementing partner are ICAFIS and Sao Ta Foods JSC. The project is to achieve 1.200 metric tons of shrimp will be ASC certified, as a result of more responsible production applied at SAOTA. The Company has not yet any clients to buy ASC shrimp but they expected the FIT fund can support them access better to EU customers. This effort is to reduce using fish meal & fish oil, minimize mixture of discharge water (although it was already treated) with newly supplied water source to avoid generating unpredicted impacts. Additionally, natural ecosystem and communities surrounding the farm will be benefited through the improvement of shrimp farming practices of SAO TA Foods JSC. At this time SAOTA has about 24 types of processed end-products export to many markets in the World. Through the application of ASC shrimp standards, it aims to meet the demand of international buyers, the firm will try to increase volume of ASC product to expand the market. The consumers are being to use the safety and responsible products, local community and local government are also benefit from this project through responsible production with communities surrounding. Since the feed from certified plants is available, the Company commits to buy certified feed from those plants. Buyers are keen to buy ASC certified shrimp. The current linkage between SAO TA and research institutes, governmental organizations, buyers need to be strengthened to help the company having better responsible practices as well as access into new markets.


Recently, the aquaculture is one of the fastest growth industry globally but it also has alot of negative impacts to the environment and harm to people directly. Therefore, the responsible aquaculture is a critical issue. This is the main reason for us participate on this project. Our object are awareness raise for the manufacturers, to promote them give the safety products for enviromentand the consumers. 

Contact details


Contact person: Mr. Lap, DinhXuan – program coordinator

Email: lap.dinhxuan@icafis.vn

Website:  http://www.icafis.vn


Contact person: Mr. Vu, Hoang Thanh- Vice General Director

Email: fmhtvu@gmail.com

Website: http://www.fimexvn.com   



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