ICAFIS- Farmers In Transition Program at Thong Thuan Seafood Company and Thong Thuan Cam Ranh Seafood JSC

Project title: “Farmers In Transition” Program – Co-funding your effort toward responsible shrimp production

Implementing partner: International Collaborating Centre for Aquaculture and Fisheries Sustainability (ICAFIS)

Other partner(s): Thong Thuan Seafood Company: Thong Thuan Co., Ltd :Farm in BinhThuan province and Thong Thuan Cam Ranh Seafood JSC: Farm in Cam Ranh

Country: Viet Nam

Species: shrimp

Volume: 4,500 tons large-scale (include 2 farms)

Target: The project objective is to achieve ASC certification of 4,500 metric tons of shrimp, including farms in BinhThuan province (3,000 tons) and in Cam Ranh (1,500 tons).

Project duration: Sep 2014- June 2016

Narrative on project 

Project “Improving Aquaculture with ASC Shrimp Standards” is one of the FIT Fund program projects funded by IDH. Implementing partners include ICAFIS and Thong Thuan Seafood Company. The project’s goal is the ASC certification of 4,500 metric tons of shrimp for 2 farms (Binh Thuan and Cam Ranh). The goals of this project are based on the fact that in recent years, Thong Thuan has experienced considerable losses due to disease outbreak and price volatility, while the demand from international buyers on ASC, Global G.A.P and BAP certified products have been increasing. Thong Thuan Seafood Company possesses integrated vertical farms, from the hatchery to processing plant. By improving the branding of its products (e.g. with certified labels on their products), the company is expected to increase its selling volume and also gain entrance into new markets. This effort includes the reduction of fish meal and fish oil use and minimizing the mixture of discharge water (although treated) with newly supplied water sources to avoid generating unpredicted environmental impacts. Through the application of ASC standards for shimp aquaculture, Thong Thuan Seafood Company aims to meet the demand of international buyers and to increase volumes of ASC products sold to market. Local communities and governments also benefit from this project through responsible aquaculture production practices. The feed used for shrimp culture from certified plants is available and the company has committed to buy certified feed from these plants. Buyers are keen to buy ASC certified shrimp. The current linkage between Thong Thuan Co. Ltd, research institutes, governmental organizations and buyers needs to be strengthened to help the company have better management practices and access into new markets.


At present, buyers are paying greater attention to the social responsiblity of products, which are sustainable, environmently friendly and benefit communities. This is also our objective for the project.

Contact details


Contact person: Mr. Lap, DinhXuan Lap, Program coordinator

Email: lap.dinhxuan@icafis.vn

Website:  http://www.icafis.vn

(Farm Vinh Tan ward, TuyPhong District, BinhThuan province)

(Farm in Thong Thuan Cam Ranh Seafood JSC)




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