ICAFIS - Farmers In Transition Fund Program at Minh Phu Company

Project title: “Farmers In Transition” Program – Co-funding your effort toward responsible shrimp production

Implementing partner: International Collaborating Centre for Aquaculture and Fisheries Sustainability (ICAFIS)

Other partner(s): Minh Phu Seafood Corporation

Country: Viet Nam

Species: shrimp

Volume: 3,000 tons large-scale

Target: The project object is to achieve 3,000metric tons of shrimp will be ASC certified, as a result of more responsible production applied at Minh Phu company.

Project duration: May 2014- Dec 2016

Project “Improve the Aquaculture with aim of using the ASC Shrimp Standards” is one of the projects of Farmers in Transition (FIT) Fund program funded by IDH. Implementing partner are ICAFIS and Minh Phu seafood Company. Minh Phu is one of the largest shrimp producer in Viet Nam. The  Project  objective is to have 3,000 tons of shrimp that will get ASC Certified, as a result of more responsible production applied at Minh Phu  seafood and to enable its clients to access to more food safety.In order to comply with the ASC standards, the company will use sustainable aquaculture feed and high quality and, free-pathogen post-larvae. This effort is to minimize using of fish meal & fish oil that come from wild fish. It not only focuses on quantity but also quality of product  and more environment-friendly. Project will also help to raise awareness of farmers about sustainable production. The beneficiaries of this project are the consumers who can use the more safety and more responsible products. Also, the local government benefit from this project through better governance of shrimp production. Since the feed from certified feed plants is available, the shrimp producers commit to buy certified feed from those plants. Buyers are keen to buy ASC certified shrimp.  At present, the EU is one of the market more and more interested in responsible product while several responsible aquaculture schemes are not yet available. This is a potential market that the many aquaculture producers of Viet Nam looking for.


Currently, the aquaculture industry is developingrapidly. It canalso bring negative impactsonthe environment and might harm to people directly. Therefore, the responsible aquaculture is necessary to minimize those impacts and the role of producer is critical in this process. This is the main reason for us participate on this project. Our objectivesare awareness raising for the manufacturers and other stakehoders along supply chain, and to promote them providethe safety products the consumers meanwile maintain environment friendly. 

Contact details

Contact person: Mr. Dinh Xuan Lap

Email: lap.dinhxuan@icafis.vn

Website:  http://www.icafis.vn


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