We are seeking a strong  consultant candidate to join our project , working within a talented creative team on "Promoting integration of CSR among actors in supply chain of wild capture fishery in Vietnam" project.

The International Collaborating Centre for Aquaculture and Fisheries Sustainability (ICAFIS) under Vietnam Fisheries Society (VINAFIS). We are a non-profit organization with the mandate of  promoting aquaculture and fisheries sustainability within Vietnam and sharing experiences from Vietnam internationally, primarily to developing countries in Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America

As a project consultant ,  your essential role is  to design and conduct a survey, make action plan and would be expected to carry out the following activities:

- Hired consultant(s) will have meetings with ICAFIS seafood team to agree the methodology and work-plan (specific in plan);

- Conduct studies on current practices on CSR in capture fisheries in Vietnam;

- Present the studies in consultation meeting and revise the report.

- Review CSR in other certification schemes such as MSC, Friends of the Sea, ASEAN FIP, SFP/WWF FIP etc;

- Identification of criteria for benchmarking; mechanism, mile-stone for benchmarking;

- Present in “Workshop of multi-stakeholder for discussion on how to benchmarks and set-up miles stone for benchmarking” and final the criteria.

- Participant and work with ICAFIS and stakeholder in development action-plan for integration of CSR (In workshop)

- Support technical  trainings for actors to pilot the improvement of CSR in selected value chain of capture fisheries (e.g WWF/SFP FIP in Kien Giang and Ben Tre) - 04 trainings, 02 days for 02 pilot site;

- Advisor to provide technical support e.g develop guideline/mechanism, documentation for piloting integration of CSR in capture fisheries sector for 04 pilot sites;

- Writing PR articles of good progress of CSR in website of VINAFIS/ICAFIS, VASEP, INFOFISH, SEAFOOD news - 06 PR articles;

- Making PR video clip of good progress of CSR in website of VINAFIS/ICAFIS VASEP, INFOFISH, SEAFOOD news; and social network e.g Youtube, Twitter, Facebook (include English translate).

- Development of frame for good practices and improvement presentation in sharing workshop.

- Documentation of good practices of integration of CSR of capture fisheries focus FIPs (WWF, SFP, ASEAN FIP protocols) and MSC certification;

- Presentation and supporting for ICAFIS in facilitate in Dialogue with private sectors and government to update policies related to CSR in capture fisheries.

To qualify...  You should have:

-       At least 07 year experience in related field (survey, research, data analyze…)

-      Skills and experiences in assessment for methodology, familiar with fishing industry in Vietnam and understanding the local languages;

-       Present and facilitate, documentation skill,.

-       PR, development of communication material skill or similar

-       Good communication skill and working with private sector;

-       Excellent English writing skills and fluent in English.





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