ICAFIS: Connecting the market and promoting Vietnamese seafood products

The International Collaborating Centre for Aquaculture and Fisheries Sustanability (ICAFIS) is implementing the GRAISEA2 Project, funded by Oxfam in Vietnam and the Embassy of Sweden. To contribute to supporting the community of seafood producers across the country, GRAISEA 2 has built a website to share information, connect markets, and promote Vietnamese seafood products.

ICAFIS: kết nối thị trường, quảng bá sản phẩm thủy sản Việt Nam



Project GRAISEA2's subject are shrimp farmers and seafood processing factories; in which, focusing mainly on farmers with the goal of economic development for households and cooperatives, paying special attention to the participation and development of women's groups. Through the project, products from sustainable farming models and value-added products from shrimp are produced and marketed by cooperatives, women's production groups and enterprises. However, in order to stabilize production and bring monthly income for farming households and women, there are still many difficulties, firstly the output of products. Especially, in the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic in Vietnam and around the world.

Main goals are share information, promote products, connect markets for aquaculture and fishing households, cooperatives, small and medium-sized seafood enterprises in Vietnam, website http://chotomca .vn has been built and promoted by the GRAISEA2 project. It can be said that this website is an effective trade connection channel, a vibrant seafood trading floor and promises to bring true value, step by step building an image and brand for Vietnamese seafood products, to cultivate the fisheries economy "from sustainability to prosperity".

Currently, in some areas of Soc Trang and Bac Lieu provinces, besides the traditional income from shrimp and rice, members of the cooperative have researched recipes and processed value-added products from shrimp, tilapia, rice, etc. serve the family and  consumptive in market. From simple products such as dried tilapia to products of high value and difficult technical requirements such as shrimp crackers, shrimp rice paper,  Salted shredded shrimps... All of them are enough the criteria CLEAN - QUALITY - SAFE.

Initially, the project's goal was only to support seafood of Soc Trang and Bac Lieu to expand to markets, to neighboring regions; The GRAISEA2 project team have carried out various forms of support such as organizing tours, participating in booths at trade fairs, connecting domestic supermarket chains. Up to now, GRAISEA2 has decided to build an online shopping channel to introduce all seafood products; bring diversity in design, safety in quality and ensure health for consumers.

Ms. Ngoc Thuy - FICen


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