ICAFIS - Promoting integration of CSR among actors in supply chain of wild capture fishery in Vietnam

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Eco-Labels for Capture Fisheries Eco-certification schemes for capture fisheries have existed for around 20 years, driven by the growing concern of the state of global fish stocks, increasing consumption of seafood and a perception that public mechanisms at the regional, national and international levels are failing in ensuring the sustainable management of marine resources (OECD, 2012). The intent of eco-certification schemes is to improve fisheries sustainability through market based incentives. Eco-labels provide a link between marketing and management and are playing an increasingly important role in fisheries sustainability. To be able to use an eco-label on capture fisheries products, the fishery wishing to use the eco-label must be assessed by a third party on sustainability standards developed by the eco-label organization. If the fishery is found to comply with the standards after a full assessment, then the fishery is certified and allowed to use the eco-label on its seafood products.
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